Hi, I'm Amanda
I'm dedicated to helping you generate more sales, stand out in your community and to grow your baking business with confidence.
Hey Darling!
I'm passionate about sharing my love of business with the baking community because I understand what its like to want your business to succeed.

I started my
award-winning cottage bakery in 2015. Since then I have been hired by brands such as Facebook, Wells Fargo, LSU School of Business and more to teach others how to have to have success.

I truly believe you would not have been given a gift if you couldn't prosper and profit from it.

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.
change is necessary.
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If baking is your passion then you owe it to yourself to grow your business.
I get it. Making sells, posting to social media, branding your business and marketing isn't your cup of tea.
However, these are the things that we must focus on away from the kitchen in order to be booked and stay in the kitchen.
80% of businesses struggle because they don't get the help they need. Don't let that be you.
It is my mission to push you, root for you, teach you and help you to be the best home bakery or shop owner that you can be.

If baking is your jam, then let us help you sweeten up your business.