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Finish Strong-Ending The Year with Social Success

I recently just had a social media challenge to help bakers with what they struggle with the most; being consistent on social media. Not everyone enjoys marketing, however its hard to deny that when it comes to displaying your business to the masses, social media is key.

Social media has the power to connect us to potential clients, help us establish community relationships and allow us to showcase our talents. However; when you are covered in flour, behind on orders and spreading buttercream a mile per minute you can forget to properly display your business and show up for your brand. That's why this challenge is perfect for bakers.

The Baking for Business private Facebook group is a free support group for baking enthusiast and sweet makers. If you are starting a home based baking business, if you are looking to sell more cakes or if you are wondering how do I sell more cakes then this group is for you.

Inside the group we had a seven day challenge and the results were phenomenal. Each day we were given a different social media caption to share with our followers online which helped us display our products and share our passions with ease this was the perfect way to increase consistency and educate our followers. If you are not a member of the group its never to late too participate be sure to click the link here and join the community.

Click Here to Join

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