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Need Baking Business Help?

Book your personalized strategy session with Chef and get immediate answers to your questions.

Ready for your personal game plan? Let's do this.

1 on 1 Coaching

Struggling to get consistent orders? Afraid of raising your prices? Not growing on social media?  Then this service is for you.

From creating brands that truly stand out to adapting marketing strategies to help you excel, a one on one is a great way to really peel back the layers in your business and examine your current stance.

Start with a one-hour strategy session. Each hour is jam-packed with solutions, strategies, tips, and tricks based on 2-3 topics that we will be able to cover within the hour to provide you with laser focused clarity. You will walk away with an action guide to keep you on track for implementing your new tactics and ensuring success.

1-on-1 coaching $125 per hour

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There are multiple ways we can create a game plan for you to win.

Common Topics Covered

How to stand out in your community

How to overcome your fear of sales and speaking

Pricing your products with confidence

How to grow your business locally

How to attract clients on social media

How to successfully nail your pop up shop

How to rebrand for success and much more!

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If your ready to work let's get started.

Now Is Your Time To Succeed With Your Baking.

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Looking for a supportive community to get feedback and help as you grow?

The Entrepreneur Experience is your answer.

Pretty baked goods don't sell themselves. Chances are you have the skill side of your business down; but in order to grow you need the business side too.


That's what the Entrepreneur Experience is for.

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