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Get the tools,strategy and resources you need to increase your sales and create a home bakery business you love.

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 ENROLL In The Entrepreneur Experience

An 8 week step by step blueprint to help you build a profitbale home bakery that helps you to stand out in your commuity.

You´ve landed on this page for a reason..

Chances are you are tired of attracting cheap clients who don't want to pay and you feel like you have amazing products, but no one in your community buys. 

Sound familiar?

You see so many other bakers getting booked,but just are not sure why you struggle to receive orders.

Your constantly dealing with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the fear of failure

You are confident in your craft but are not sure what you should be doing to build your business.

You want to become the go-to baker in your community but need help to get repeat clients.

You know you need to be working on the business side but are just unsure about what needs to be done.


My goal is to get you more!


More of this..

Maximized Revenue! Find ways to triple your sales and start attracting customers who love to buy your products AND tell all their friends.

Heightened Joy!  Have fun within your business all while serving your ideal clients and doing what you love. Bye Bye burnout.

Sanity! Introduce calm and peace through streamlined business processes and organization.

More Clients! Start building relationships with people who  fall in love with your brand and appreciate your hard work and efforts.

Creative Freedom! Start avoiding burnout and take the orders that bring you joy and don't stress you the hell out!


The Entrepreneur Experience

An 8 week step by step interactive LIVE training program that will help you to triple your sales, stand out in your community and attract more clients.

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 This program isn’t just about learning; it’s about doing. We roll up our sleeves alongside you, guiding you through each step until your business stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Classes starting soon! 22



I´m Chef Schonberg, I coach incredible entrepreneurs like yourself!

After spending years managing million dollar businesses, I used their secrets to build my own award winning home bakery and now I get to give you those same secrets so that you can win!

Whether you´re grappling with procrastination, battling self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, or simply lacking a clear strategy, take a moment to consider how far you have come despite these challenges.

Now, envision the boundless potential that awaits when absolutely nothing is holding you back and hindering your growth.

Since my first entrepreneurial endeavor I've built, scaled, and maintained a six-figure businesses and have helped others do the same. Every single thing I know I pour into my students so that they can skip years of mistakes (and culinary school) and get only the info they need to succeed and thrive as a baker.

Are you prepared to experience unwavering support on your path to business success as well?

Coach Schonberg

Here are just a few wins from some of my amazing students

So much can be acieved when you have a blueprint for success...

Get the tools that they all used inside 

The Entrepreneur Experience

An 8-week step-by-step interactive LIVE training program that will help you to triple your sales, stand out in your community, and attract more clients.

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Classes start soon

No Fluff, Just  A Detailed Game
Plan To Help You Win.

Mindset Mastery 

In this foundational module, we focus on reshaping your mindset. We identify and dismantle limiting beliefs, empowering you to embrace your potential fully. Through tailored exercises, you gain confidence, clarity, and self-belief, setting the stage for transformative growth so that you can start to build your business.

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Module 01.

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Module 02.

Business Systems And Operations

Learn how to operate your home bakery business in a way that doesn't seem chaotic or hectic. You will create business flows for your home bakery based on your own schedule and resources.

This module will help you get organized and know exactly what to focus on in your business.

Building A Brand That Stands Out

Learn the essentials of effective branding. Your brand is so much more then just a logo. We cover comprehensive strategies, goal setting, and time management techniques tailored to rapid growth. Develop a roadmap that aligns with your vision, setting you up for strategic and sustainable business expansion.

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Module 03.

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Module 04.

Magnetic Marketing

Learn effective marketing techniques to accelerate your small business. In this module, you will learn how to not just rely on social media but how to get your name out to the right people, even if you are brand new.

Creating Products That Sell

It's more then just good flavors and pretty designs. In this module you will learn how to create money making products and hone your sales skills. Learn proven sales techniques and how to curate an offer that resonates with your audience. 

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Module 05.

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Module 06.

Building Your Tribe

It's time to turn your customers into raving fanactics. In this module you will learn all about how to attract quality clients and how to keep them coming back for more. 

Pricing With Confidence

Numbers do not have to be hard. We will go over pricing as well as sales tactics to help you become more aware of your numbers, how to price for your business and how to ditch the headaches.

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Module 07.

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Module 08.

Standing Out On Social

We wrap up our training with personalized feedback data for your social media brand. Get exact help and tips on how to show up on social media, attract the right customers, and grow.


Join today to get the bonus bundle



Bonus No

Personalized social media audit

(value $125)

Not attracting followers on social media? Or are your followers not buying? Get my eyes on your business with a personalized audit just for your brand.

With a personalized audit, you will get feedback and know what needs to be worked on to help your business start to convert.


Bonus No

30 days of social media captions

(value $27)

If you find clients are not engaging on your post or you have no idea what to say then this is for you.

Our social media captions are like having a copywriter in your back pocket. They are specifically made for you to inject your own branding into them so you can create content in half the time.

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Everything you will get

Imagine compressing years  worth of growth and profit into less than a couple weeks. It’s not magic; it’s our intensive online coaching program designed for entrepreneurs like you!!

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8 modules with replay and lifetime access

Multiple  group coaching sessions

Pdf's and pritnable resources to accompany your training

Personalized accountability framework

Teacher/ Student Feedback through the learning portal

Invitation to be apart of our supportive community

Plus bonuses

Personalized social media audit


30 days of done for you social media captions

The Entrepreneur Experience


$0/not open

one-time charge

8 weeks LIVE group coaching with replay access

Multiple Group Coaching Sessions(value $397)

Replay And Lifetime Access

(value $297)

Bonus- Personalized Social Media Audit

(value $125)

Bonus- 30 Day Social Media Captions (value $27)

Payment Plan

$0/not open

2 monthly payments

8 weeks LIVE group coaching with replay access

Multiple Group Coaching Sessions(value $397)

Replay And Lifetime Access

(value $297)

Bonus- Personalized Social Media Audit

(value $125)

Bonus- 30 Day Social Media Captions (value $27)


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a business yet?

No problem. You will learn all the essential blocks to operating your business so that you can build as you go.

What if I can't attend the classes LIVE?

No worries, you will always have access to the material taught, even if you can't attend live.

Classes/coaching will be LIVE on Mondays, starting Januaray 22nd at 6pmCST and replay access will be available the next day. You also have lifetime access after your purchase to watch and rewatch as much as you like.

What if I am in another country?

Our classes are open to those in the US, Canada, and Australia. If you fall within those lines, you will be able to join.

What if I need a bigger following?

In this class, you will learn how to build your community. The more you grow, the more you will make, but we all have to start somewhere. You don't need to be great to start, but you must start to be great.

What if I'm afraid?

Fear is a good thing. it means you are growing. Nothing easy ever feels comfortable. Think about it this way though, what is more scary- you going after your dreams or you never knowing what you can become because you never tried? I challenge you to let it push you. The only thing that's scarier is thinking about what will happen if your business is in the same place this year as it was last year.

What if I'm a bakery business coach and want to take this course too?

Thank you for expressing interest in my class. I appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to professional development. However, I do believe there might be a potential conflict of interest since we both operate as business coaches. I value building professional relationships with other coachs/ online instructors and want to maintain a positive and supportive environment. I hope you understand my perspective, and I'm more than happy to discuss alternative ways I can support your growth that align with our professional boundaries. Thank you for your understanding but I prefer this course to be for bakers whom are looking to grow their businesses not coachs.

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