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Ditch the budget clients and start booking more orders with success.

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 More Dough With Corporate Clients

A  5 week LIVE step-by-step coaching program for booking corporate clients within your baking or treat-making business.

You have damn good baked goods already-you just need more sales buttercup!

There are companies out there that want to work with you, you just need a game plan to attract them. I switched my business to focus on corporate clients 4 years ago and never looked back. Working with corporations has helped me to :

  • Focus on easier desserts and not be on my feet all damn day

  • Generate more sales and grow my home bakery

  • Ditch cheap ass clients and do more of what I love

  • Give back to my community and work with clients who appreciate my work

When I first started it was not easy. I was told no way more times then yes. However, each time I received a no I notated what went right and what went wrong. I got back up and kept trying.

I created this course to save you time, stress and headaches so you can avoid all the mistakes and roadblocks I faced years ago.

This course is my system for the perfect way to get a clear game plan on how to position and present your business to attract more corporate clients.

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Here is what you will get with your investment:

Training 1-Value $247

Preparing For Success

In this class we will go over all the items needed to attract corporate items so that you know exactly what corporations are looking for.

Training 2- Value $247

Positioned To Profit

In this masterclass we will review how to seek out partnership opportunities with success. This class will save you so much time so that you are not running around town dropping off samples hoping people will buy.

Training 3- Value $247

Products, Packaging and Presentation

In this class I'm going to show you how to streamline your processes. This well help you to know how to present your products so that you don't waste time with the wrong products. We will go over popular- menu offerings and how to prepare to handle large volume orders if needed.

But don't forget the bonuses darling!

Bonus #1- Value $97 

Standing Out Online

In this bonus we will discuss what to include to help your business stand out online. We will review how to best leverage your business to attract potential clients and what to avoid to save time on mistakes.

Bonus #2- Value $97 

Outsourcing Vendor List

Love to outsource? You will receive a list of my favorite companies to use to outsource products and save time.

Bonus #3- Value $125 

DM support

Need step by step help? Want to be sure you are on the right path? You will be able to get personal help as you continue to build your business to attract more corporate clients and grow.

Bonus # 4- Value-$197 

More Dough, More Success

Anyone can get a corporate client but not everyone can keep them. In this class we will go over marketing tactics to help you build your clientele. We will learn to overcome common business hurdles that come with working with corporations and what to do to solve them. 

When you add up the bonuses AND the 4 weeks of 1 on 1 group coaching that's $1200

Enroll today and you get every class and bonus above for only $347

(or check out using the payment plan option and pay as low as  $175)

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This is your year to do AMAZING things

Start making the type of money you know you deserve and began building your business with success.

Enoll Now

More Dough With Corporate Clients



one-time charge

5 weeks LIVE group coaching with replay access

Bonus-More Dough, More Success masterclass (value $197)

Bonus- Outsourcing Vendor List- (value $97)

Bonus- Standing Out Online masterclass (value $97)

Bonus- DM support (value $125)

Payment Plan


2 monthly payments

5 weeks LIVE group coaching with replay access

Bonus-More Dough, More Success masterclass (value $197)

Bonus- Outsourcing Vendor List- (value $97)

Bonus- Standing Out Online masterclass (value $97)

Bonus- DM support (value $125)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to invest anything additional to complete this class?

There will be a few recommendations for items but none of them are more than $25 bucks. 

When are classes and what if I can't attend the classes LIVE?

Once you enroll you have lifetime access to all replays and classes. Classes will be on Tuesday's and Thursdays. The first class kicks-off  June 27th at 6:00CST. No worries you will always have access to the material taught, even if you can't attend live and you get the same level of DM support so you will speak directly to me even when you are not in class.

What if I am a home baker?

It is ok. I am a home baker as well. If you are willing to be professional and have a go-getter attitude then you should be fine.

What if I'm afraid?

It is normally to be afraid of new challenges. That is how you know you are growing. You can't expect to make 5 or 6 figures if your too scared to spend 3. Personally, I have invested nearly 20 thousand dollars on classes and personal development. I dont regret a single dime. You can never lose when you are betting on yourself. 

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Trust me, you've got this!

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Go from overlooked to getting booked. Enroll today and get the support, classes and 1 on 1 help to start booking more orders and making more dough with corporate clients.

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