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The Benefits of Using Reels In Your Cake Business

O.M.G,You guys Instagram has a new feature and I am so totally here for it! So if your like me then your maybe not a ticktok'er. I'm sorry, maybe I'm showing my age but as someone who is 35, although I enjoy watch ticktok's I definitely don't participate in them much.

However, when Instagram released their new reels feature I was totally in for it because Instagram is a driving source of traffic in my business. If your business is anything like mine and your all about getting more sales then you definitely wanna hop on Instagram's new feature using reels.

So, What exactly is a reel. A reel defined in actor terms, is a one to two minute long edited video collection of an actor's best performances. Reels at that time were used to get a sense of the actors abilities and gauge their on camera charisma.

Instagram reels; while the definition is somewhat similar these reels let you create fun videos to share with not only the world but your friends and family. The reels are 15-30 seconds of different clips that you can create and recreate with audio, effects and other creative tools. The goal of reels is for you to not only have fun but reach new audiences far and wide. Now, on average reels get seen 2 to 5 times more than a regular video. Because reels are new of course Instagram is pushing this feature heavily that they moved the button down to the middle of the session.

Reels are also being displayed at the top of hashtag searches and pushed more on the explore page.Like it or not reels are here for the long run and Instagram is not backing down.I look forward to seeing people use this feature to not only inspire but to also educate their audience on the products and services that we as business owners sale.

So the question is,

Have You Tried Reels for Your Business?

Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

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