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The power of a morning routine in your home bakery business

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

One of my favorite routines that I practice is my morning ME time. Research has shown that the key to a great day is to keep the first morning of your day as consistent as possible.

Often times when we arise we are always on the defense. We are quick to check emails, fix our spouses meals, and not take a moment for ourselves.

A lot of times, as business owners, our families have no idea the amount of stress we deal with. As bakers and treat makers, we often work during long hours of the night to fulfill orders. A typical day for a baker may consist of store runs, client meetings and the list goes on and on.

Mentally, it can take a toll on you, but having a morning routine keeps you grounded, centered, and laser-focused.

My morning routine consists of making my tea/coffee for the day, doing a few of my favorite yoga stretches to open me up, and then saying my affirmations.

Depending on your background, this could be different as some say prayers, meditate, or do a combination. No judgment here as I respect everyone's beliefs I just want you to pick one routine and add it to your day.

For those who don't know, affirmations are statements of belief or empowerment. As stated by Siri (cause that's the modern version of a dictionary, lol), it is the action or process of affirming something. A formal declaration by a person. You can write your own statements or get them from your favorite author.

Which brings me to my first guest. In writing this post I had the perfect person in mind to share her story of how affirmations have become a part of her daily routine.

I recently did a live broadcast on Instagram with baker and author Nikki B.

Nikki is the owner of D' Delicious Delicacies an E- commerce bakery in Florida specializing in your childhood favorites with an island flair. She is definitely an island girl as you will hear in her accent, but she is also on big on affirmations. So much so that she just wrote and released a book titled, Create Your Own Magic.

Nikki is a graduate of my coaching program, The Entrepreneur Experience and a member of The Entrepreneur Community.

I don't want to ruin all the goodies so without further ado. Be sure to click this link to check out my full interview with Nikki.

During this live, we discussed how Nikki used baking to make extra dough after being cut back with hours on her job. How joining the academy literally almost TRIPLED her business and how being specific is the hidden key to starting your day. She also has a FREE service which can add a little more positivity into your day.

This published celebrity baker is full of gems, and I can't wait for you to meet her.


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