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Learn to create an extra 4 or 5 figures selling courses and digital products as a home baker.

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 ENROLL In Teaching Your Passion

A step by step recipe for success to making money selling courses.

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Not Sure You Got What It Takes?

Do you know what stops most bakers from listening to that voice inside of them that says to go for it?  BULLSH*T ASS LIES

  • I'm not good on camera

  • I don't know tech

  • Someone else is teaching it, I may not succeed

  • I struggle with imposter syndrome 

I know because I thought the exact same things. But the truth is it's just our brain trying to protect us from what we think is scary.

This isn't just a course teaching you how to sell and make classes. This program is filled with mindset trainings, exercises and one on one help to get you over your own hurdles so you can show up with confidence and success.

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Here is what you will get with your investment:

Training 1- value $247

Preparing For Success

In this session we will get clear on your new role as a teacher. We will review how to make your students fall in love with you. You will learn the 3P formula for becoming a successful teacher with students who appreciate you across the globe. We will go over mindset hurdles that stop us and provide new strategies for success.

Training 2- value $247

Creating Course Curriculum That Sells

In this session we will cover what type of course you will create. We will discuss who your courses best serve and how to effectively communicate  your course to your students. We will review game winning strategies to help you pick your course if you are unsure what to teach to avoiding wasting time. You will get done for you success scripts so that you have a game plan for creating winning courses that sell.

Training 3- value $247

Mapping Out Your Course Success

In this course I'm going to show you how to ensure your students succeed. We will go over fine tuning your course and getting it ready for delivery ,we will review sales strategies to make sure that you get people happy to purchase from you.(Because happy students keep coming back darling!)

Training 4- value $247

Pricing Your Course With Confidence

In this lesson we will go over the do's and don'ts of pricing your course. We will go over the best times to launch a course and how to effectively market your price to a student.( Sorry dear but you wont be the 10 dollar teacher-your worth much more. )

Training 5- value $247

Gearing Up To Take Off

Most people think the money is in the course. They couldn't be more wrong. Being an instructor of integrity and service to help others will get you more sales then the class itself! Lack of preparation is what keeps most bakers from not succeeding with teaching. In this class we change all that, I uncover the framework for what makes a successful teacher and I give you a done for you game plan so you can know EXACTLY what to do.

Training 6- Value $247

Marketing Your Message

In this training we will review how to plan to effectively market your courses. Not good with captions? Shy on camera? Don't  worry-I will give you the framework and strategies as well so it's all done for you!

Training 7- value $247

All Things Tech

Hate tech? Me too! That's why I make it really easy. I'm going to be showing you the professional way to teach your classes. 

You will not be having classes in Facebook groups- but you will learn the best FREE ways to teach classes. I will also share my favorite platforms if you choose, but no strings attached and no additional money is needed for you to start teaching.

Training 8- value $247

Reaching The Masses

This one training alone is gonna put you up on game that no one is talking about. I'm gonna show you how to make sure that your message reaches the world. We will review how to make you a global teacher and the best ways to help you start building your teaching empire.

But don't forget the bonuses darling!

Bonus #1- Value $247 

Master Your Media

In this bonus I am gonna get you camera ready even if you are a shy person. We are gonna go over all the tools and tech needed to GO LIVE so you can help and empower your students all while building your own strength.

Bonus #2- Value $147 

Design On A Dime

In this class we will go over all of the graphic designs needed to conduct a successful launch. We will go over FREE and Paid options and how to save time gearing up to promote your class.

Bonus #3- Value $125 

Easy and Effective Editing

In this class we will review how to record and edit classes like a pro. We will go over my easy 4 step system for creating top quality videos in the comfort of your own home.

Bonus #4- Value $245 

Building Your Tribe

In this bonus class we will discuss how to build a tribe of active students. We will review how to best serve them and how you can ensure that your students fall in love with as well as interact. We will set up your back end and systems for attracting students.

Bonus #5- Value $247 

Marketing Planogram

Get the exact steps, verbiage and sales help to successful market your offers.

Bonus #6- Value $97 

Tech Support and Service

You will receive a curated list of step by step tutorials to walk you through any items needed to start creating courses.

Bonus #7- Value-$1000 

Direct Support

You will get access to submit your questions directly through me, as well as Q and A time during our implementation sessions to get immediate feedback and on the spot help.

Total value with bonuses $3600

You pay only $747

(or check out using the payment plan and start for $397)

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Quit watching other bakers win and get in the game.

If everyone else is succeeding with it then why aren't you? Get a proven recipe for success and the help you need to sell courses with success.

Teaching Your Passion Live Program



one-time charge

8 weeks LIVE group coaching with replay access

Bonus-Master Your Media & Design On A Dime(value $397)

Bonus- Marketing Plannogram

(value $297)

Bonus- Building Your Tribe

(value $247)

Bonus- DM and Tech Support (value $247)

Payment Plan


2 monthly payments

8 weeks LIVE group coaching with replay access

Bonus-Master Your Media & Design On A Dime(value $397)

Bonus- Marketing Plannogram

(value $297)

Bonus- Building Your Tribe

(value $247)

Bonus- DM and Tech Support (value $247)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to invest anything additional to complete this class?

Nope- You only need a cell phone to get started. I show you multiple options to get started with no extra money needed.

What if I can't attend the classes LIVE?

No worries you will always have access to the material taught, even if you can't attend live.

Classes will be LIVE on Mondays for the first month and Mon and Wednesday for the second month.

Replays are up within 24 hours.

What if I am not a baker?

It is ok. Although bakers are my primary audience this class is for anyone who wants to teach. Former students have been crafters, chocolate artist, charcuterie owners etc. All food entrepreneurs are welcome. 

What if I don't have a big following?

In this class you will learn how to build your community. The more you grow the more you will make, but we all have to start somewhere. You don't need to be great to start but you need to start to be great.

What if I'm afraid?

I feel ya- I was scared as hell when I first went live but to tell you a secret (closed mouths don't get fed). It is ok to have fear as long as you work through your fear, rather then letting fear paralyze you. I challenge you to let it push you. The only thing more scary is thinking about what will happen if you never take a chance.

Work Desk

Trust me, you've got this!

Everything you need to succeed is inside of you. You just need to get started . This is your chance. Enroll today and get the support, classes and 1 on 1 help to be the version of yourself that you know is successful.

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